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Legal Studies Assessment Jessica Q1: She was imprisoned for negligently causing serious injury in a car accident. She was found with alcohol, four kinds of tranquilsers, morphine and cannabis related substances in her system at the time. Roach didn’t have a smooth upbringing causing her to become a rebellious delinquent. She received a five-year prison term for her crime. Q2: She allowed everyone to be able to vote. Even prisoners who were serving more than 3 years in prison. Q3: Anyone who committed a crime which was punishable by imprisonment for 3 years or longer was denied the right to vote because it shows the prisoners that them committing crimes and being incarcerated shows them the loss of freedom they have. Q4: a) It may be hard for someone to start a test case because they don’t know what the outcome will be, it is time consuming as there are no precedents set and there is a lot of costs involved in setting a test case up. b) She overcame the problem of high costs of legal representation by Q5: It was up to the High Court to decide this because it is a law tat is written in the Constitution that take a referendum to change. Q6: Roach’s lawyers claimed the act breached Sections 7 and 24 of the Constitution, which outline the composition of the Senate and the House of Representatives respectively, stating that each must be “directly chosen by the people”. Q7: A 4-2 decision decided that the 2006 amendment was unconstitutional, restoring the rights of prisoners serving 3 years or less to vote. Even though Vickie’s case was partly successful, it did not restore her rights as her original sentence was more than 3 years. I do not believe that her rights were infringed because if she wanted to commit such crimes, then she should have to pay the consequences, even if it was the loss of her freedom. Q8: Q9: a) b) c) Q10: I

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