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Legal Studies 17 year old African American teenager ,Trayvon Martin was with his family watching the NBA game and when it was half time he decided to walk to a convienience store to buy skittles candy and Arizona Iced tea requested by his younger brother. Trayvon was walking down the street back home in a gated community on a rainy night with some skittles candy and iced tea he bought from the shops. George Zimmeraman , a neighbourhood watch captain who called the police to report a suspicious black man. After being told by the police not to do anything and to wait for the police to arrive , Zimmerman then followed and approached Trayvon and shot him in the chest which lead to his death. The parents of Trayvon martin are now asking the Justice department to investigate the prosecutors handling and the probe of their sons death. There is a massive debate going on with racism and whether George Zimmerman would of ever approached a white man or anyone eles that is not of African decent and accuse them of being “suspicious looking” and of course if that was the case with a non-african , no one would have been shot. It is said that Trayvon Martin was targeted because of his African-American decent and none of this would have happend if he was white , this matter has been been treated unequally. Today , George Zimmerman has still not been arrested for the murder of Trayvon Martin which has not brought any justice upon Trayvon’s death and breaches the issue of basic legal notions – anarchy , customs , rules , law , fairness , equility , justice , values and ethnics. It is unfair that the murderer has not been arrested . If this situation occured in Australia , New South Wales ,Zimmerman would have already been arrested and sent straight to jail according to Australian law and Under New South Wales State law, the maximum penalty for murder is life imprisonment with a

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