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Basic Legal Concepts Review 1.1 1. List the areas of law related to the images provided on page 4 of the Student Book. First Image: Contract Law Second Image: Traffic Law Third Image: Criminal Law Fourth Image: Technological Law Fifth Image: Family Law 2. What other areas of law can you think of? List at least five. Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Torts Law Review 1.2 1. Complete the following lists be adding three additional examples of rules. Household Rules a) Always inform your parents when you are going out. b) No swearing. c) Must study an hour a day. d) Don’t run in the house or participate in any physical activity. School Rules a) Students must always wear correct school uniform on school grounds. b) No use of prohibited items e.g. cigarettes c) Don’t move to an area where there is no teacher supervision. d) Always listen to a teacher and respect them. Social Etiquette a) Always cover your mouth and nose when sneezing in public. b) Close your mouth when eating at all times. c) Don’t spit on floor. d) Never point at anything in public. Review 1.3 1. Why do we need laws? For what reasons do members of the society obey the law? We need laws to prevent anarchy. Laws are a very important part of life and all members of society must abide to them. IF a law is broken it is legally enforceable. E.g. If a human murders another human that is breaking a law and they will be punished for their crime. 2. Define the following basic legal notions. You can choose to use words, pictures or cartoons to define them: a) Custom A custom is a traditional way of behaving according to a particular society or race. b) Rules A set of regulations or principles put in place governing conduct in a specific place/ society. c) Law A law is an officially recognised,

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