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Legal Reasoning 1. She will probably be unable to sue her spouse for negligence because the statue clearly says that the state will not authorize suits between husband and wife. The statute seems to imply that a married woman can sue and be sued in the same manner as anyone else can be which is common sense. Suing her husband would fall into that category of not being authorized to sue in. She could sue someone else’s husband if she chooses to, but not her husband whom she is married with. Legal Reasoning 2. I believe that the client would be charged with the criminal statute because even though it does not list phonograph records on the statute per say, it does say at the very and other matter of indecent character. The phonograph would fall into that category and he would be infringing on the federal criminal statute. 3. I believe the client should be found guilty because the transportation of a stolen airplane would be determend as a self-propelled vehicle that is not designed for running on rails. This is clearly stated in the National Motor Vehicle Theft Act. I would consider transporting the airplane, which is a self propelled vehicle, to be an infraction of that federal statute. 4. The situation that would be a violation of the Mann Act would be example A. Driving the prostitute from LA to Las Vegas would be a clear violation of the Mann Act. The man act states that you cannot transport a female for immoral purposes or prostitution. Prostitution was one of the primary targets of the Mann Act and example A clearly shows a man transporting a prostitute from one state to the other. Legal Reasoning 5. The first element is detained for questioning on or in the immediate premises of a merchant. Sarah could argue that she left the money on the table and the waiter didn’t bother to look and see it so her

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