Legal of Macao Venetian Casino Essay

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For Macao, the legal system has become essential to strengthen the betting, and the next decade is a critical period. First, the existing management system Macau gaming historic task has been completed stage, after 2020, it should be in response to developments in the Asian gaming market, the implementation of a new management system. Creating a set of means to support the current management structure of the legal system needs to be changed. Currently, Macao will limit the number of gambling licenses to six. This practice of limiting the number of gambling licenses, mainly due to the stability of the Macau gaming market considerations. Prior to 2001, Macau's gaming market monopolized by one company. Since then the government decided to open betting market. If all of a sudden transition from monopoly to full totally free competition, there may be difficult to manage even the situation out of control, so that when the government limit the number of gambling licenses to consider is justified. After a decade of development, the government has accumulated experience in managing multiple gaming enterprises to further open betting market does not appear to be much of a problem in management. In addition, limiting the number of gambling licenses, for the development of Macau's gaming market has shown a lot of drawbacks. Under the current system, but also a strong willingness to invest in the company, because gambling licenses restrictions, unable to enter the Macau gaming market. This will adversely affect two aspects, one is not conducive to the development of Macao, Macao should enter but was shut out of funds; the second is that these funds faced enormous temptation East Asian markets, if you can not enter Macau, they will turn to persuade other gambling areas, thereby increasing the competitive pressure in Macau market. Another drawback is that the current system of

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