Legal Encounter: Pat Grey V. Newcorp

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Legal Encounter 1: Pat Grey was hired to be a manager for our company NewCorp. Several months into the job he was discharged by his supervisor without any indication and was told “things did not seem to be working out”. Also, Pat was given a 30 days severance package. Every employee that is hired by NewCorp is given a Personnel Manuel about policies and procedures. This manual when received from us builds an “implied contract” between the employer and employee. Pat received this manual from our company and has an understanding of how things are handling in different situations. Pat is aware of our policy about “Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance/Corrective Action Plan”. Which states “If the job performance of an employee is unsatisfactory,…show more content…
In the past they have been known to date, and recently Paula broke it off. We have Paula claiming that Sam is out of line with comments and inappropriate behaviors, which Paula clearly told him to stop. Paula is trying to transfer departments, but has been denied base of Sam claiming that it is company policy about evidence that the chemicals in used in wire coatings can cause birth defects. All of this can lead us to a lawsuit for…show more content…
He has created a hostile work environment from her claims. Sam has violated the sex discrimination laws by not allowing Paula to transfer. There are many things that protect her in this case against employment discrimination. Pregnancy Discrimination is one that is violated by Sam denying Paula to transfer. This act is an amendment of the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This act prohibits the following specific acts including but are not to the refusing to hire or promote on the basis of pregnancy or family plans. These are all sex discriminations claims against Sam. The bottom line of the matter this is case that is liability for the NewCorp Company. Paula can take use to court and sue the company for discrimination. Also, Sam is labile for his own actions and can be sue by Paula. This case can lead to us spending a lot of money loss on attorney’s, punitive damages, back pay and more. If we go to court and are found in a violation. A court may order that corrective actions be taken to compensate for past wrongs that may have

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