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Dear Rob @ Belle Grove Estates, I, Leonard Hearn am writing you to notify you of the damages to my property. On January 30.2012 at approximately 2:45am there was a severe leak in the living room from the upstairs apartment. This leak has caused water damage to my couch, my 55” flat screen television and my Toshiba laptop and my I-Pad. I expect to be reimbursed for my damaged property. Also the floor contained a lot of water which will cause mold to grow because we have no way to get rid of all that water in the carpet. As you are aware that I have a heart condition so mold really is not a good thing to have. The maintenance guy plugged in a small white desk fan like it was supposed to dry the floor. The ceiling tile fell in the living room due to the weight of the water and when it broke and fell it hit the screen of my television so it is not just water damaged it is also cracked. I had given Tammy letters for you concerning the issues here at my residence numerous times. The pipe in the kitchen under the sink is still leaking after Fred supposedly fixed it. Fred only put caulking around the top drain in the sink when you can clearly see the U pipe is what is leaking. This has been going on for months. I have informed you of the leaking roof in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom and it is still leaking after told it was fixed. I have cracks in the living room and bathroom walls which is getting worse. These cracks have been there since we moved in. I was informed through Tricia by Tammy that if we could not catch Jamie upstairs then leave a note if there is a problem. I personally left two notes on her door and have pictures of them with the time and date. I was informed by Jamie in my living room in front of Tricia that your office told her we are nosey, and bitchy people and that I was not supposed to leave harassing notes on her door. The notes

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