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Brittany Canaday Ivy Tech Community College Legal Case Study January 25,2015 PG&E worker wins $1 million in Santa Cruz wrongful termination lawsuitThis case is about a power line worker who was wrongful terminated from his job after making safety complaints against the company that he worked for and was awarded $1million in the lawsuit case. He worked with the company for 8 years. His supervisor asked him and his crew to repair a broken electrical pole and that it could be done without shutting the power off to that pole. When the power lines broke as they were working on it, it came close to touching one another which would of caused a explosion and possibly injuring him or his crew. The employer said “they just want to keep peoples power on and provide great customer service”. That was the only thing said in the company's defense. I agree with the verdict that was awarded to the plaintiff. The company had no interest in resolving the issue or complaints that the defendant had filed. The company never made any efforts, or investigated what the plaintiff complained about and nothing in the human resources was done about the issues either. The plaintiff suffered panic attacks, depression, lost wages, and emotional distress over the safety hazards of his job and what could of happened to him. The human resources department could of took the complaints and investigated them and also talked to the plaintiff and see what they could do to help him. They could have addressed the issues with higher up management and the corporate office. The human resources department is supposed to help the employees and protect them and listen to their complaints about what is going on with them and what is going on with them in the workplace. Instead they just blew off the whole situation. The employee did the right thing and filed safety complaints against the company. He
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