Legal action against Bus driver

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This correspondence is reference the “White Slip” issued by Diana Westfall (Bus Driver) and ensuing informal meeting with Mr. Ulrich (Vice-Principal) conducted on Monday, March 17, 2007. The bus driver, Mrs. Westfall has stated in the incident report/white slip that I, James Burdette, frequently punch middle students while exiting the bus, hit Ashley Cochran-Riedel with my mug on March 6th 2008, exited the bus at 745 Huntley Drive when my address is 747 Huntley Drive on March 6th 2008, am disrespectful to the bus driver and other students, distractful to the bus driver and endanger all on board. I do not punch middle school students when exiting the bus and I did not hit Ms. Cochran-Biedel with a mug. Today, March 17, 2008, on the bus ride home I spoke to Ashley and when I told her what Ms. Westfall had written on the “White Slip” she laughed and stated, “No Way”. She is willing to make that statement in writing or verbally at any type of hearing convened. She also stated in the report that I had gotten off the bus, at 745 Huntley Dr. when my address is 747 Huntley Dr. What Ms. Westfall failed to include in her counterfactual statement was that Ms. Westfall stopped the bus at my neighbor’s driveway, which is past my driveway, and we exited. We live on cul-de-sac, our driveways are separated by 61 feet of grass, not a big deal. I did not have an opportunity to exit the bus at my residence, Ms. Westfall drove past it. Ms. Westfall has established a past practice by stopping either between our driveways or at 745, not 747 Huntley since the beginning of school. When she picks up the elementary students she stops in the middle of the cul-de-sac and the children walk out to the bus. If Ms. Westfall is concerned for my safety and was uneasy that I walked up my neighbor’s driveway then I would think that she would have beeped the horn hollered (she does that

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