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Left Wing Terrorism Throughout history terrorism has been used by many groups in order to establish themselves and to make their goals apparent to the recognized government. The term “left wing terrorism,” is meant for terrorist groups that are radical in their push towards progressive reform. These groups are radically attempting to change the current governmental system as opposed to trying to change things back to the way they were in the past. Every terrorist group wants things in their current environment to be changed and each group has their own ideals and methods for achieving this change. There were forms of terrorism documented all over the world throughout history, one of the most famous being the Socialist Revolutionary Party in Russia during the turn of the century into the twentieth century. As found with most terrorist organizations there were started by a student movement that generated a few radical leaders that decided to take protest to the next level which is violence. The main idealism or goal of the SR party was the improvement of the lower class lifestyle. The SR party was reaching out for the good of the working class people on newly industrialized Russia and also the spread of socialism against the authoritarian government that was already in place. The main method of achieving the goals of the SR party was bombings. Small, precise, and effective bombings were used in order to assassinate high ranking officials and government leaders. As opposed to terrorist groups that would follow throughout history the SR party was not out to cause to harm to the innocent people, they had exact targets and would only purposefully kill those that were there primary targets. In The Just Assassins by Albert Camus there was an instance during Act II where Kaliayev is unable to throw the bomb at the Grand Duke’s carriage because he saw his

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