Left vs. Right Brain Research Essay

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Right vs. Left Brain What exactly is brain dominance? Brain dominance is the comparison of abilities between the left and right side of the brain. A person that is left brain dominant is more likely to strive in logical activity such as math and language. On the other hand, a right-brained person is a special thinker and excels in music and visualization. (Neuroscience of Intelligence-“Left”)For both dominances, each thrives in different academic environments. For each respective dominance, there are certain classes and types of classes that one dominance would achieve higher over the other dominance. For a right-brain dominant person, classes that are more spatial, sensory, intuitive thinking, subjective, and casual are a better fit. Whereas, a left-brain dominant person will succeed in classes that are based more on analytical, sequential, factual, and linear thinking. (Neuroscience of Intelligence-“Left”)In order to further academic study on this topic, psychologist Howard Gardner came up with the seven types of intelligence in 1983. The seven types of intelligence are: Linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinetic, spatial, musical, intrapersonal, and interpersonal. In addition to this list, Gardner added natural intelligence and existential intelligence too in 1990. Of these types of intelligence and what they are based off of, some benefit each dominance. Right-brain dominant people are linguistic, spatial, musical, and intrapersonal. However, left-brain dominant people are logical-mathematical, bodily-kinetic, and interpersonal. (Neuroscience of Intelligence-“Left”) In addition to the daily bystander, celebrities that have made large contributions to society have been proven to be of different dominances. Right-brained people are artistically advanced and here are some of the most famous and successful right-brained people. Sir Isaac Newton,

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