Left Hand of Darkness Essay

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The Left Hand of Darkness, a novel by Ursula K. Le Guin, opens our imagination into worlds of possibility. It's portrays how a human by the name of Genly Ai, is set forth on a mission to persuade the ambisexual planet of Gethen to join a series of 83 planets that have bound together in search of peace (the Ekumen). On this planet, gender roles are insignificant and do not really exist. Genly, who is the only envoy on the planet, has an extremely hard mission to accomplish. He is outcasted from everyone else because he has one gender. As his mission progresses, Mr. Ai faces multiple obstacles that eventually get him into big trouble. He makes several acquaintances, but only one real friend. Once Genly gets into trouble, it's up to his friend to help him get out of it for the good of the planet.The political standpoints of the cultures on Genthen, the ambisexuality of the individuals, and the set up of the book is what makes it very unique. If someone goes into this novel without an open mind, then they will think that it is a terrible book and shouldn't be considered as literature. Overall, this book is a great sci-fi novel that gives us insight to an alternate world that is different from our own. By this book I was partly amazed of such content but its difficult understanding made it non-enjoyable. Le Guin uses simmilar political standpoints of Earth in order to create two off-the-wall political perspectives of the two nations on Gethen. There is the nation of Karhide, who is technologically challenged and who's people are kept well informed of just about everything that goes on in their nation. The opposing nation of Orgoreyn is ran by the controlling Sarf who disclose little to no information to the people residing in the nation; no one asks questions or disobeys them without massive consequences. The two opposing nations have very different ways of
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