Left Brain vs Right Brain

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Left Brain vs Right Brain Have you heard of many people talk about the diffrences between the left side and the right side of the brain? Its not just left and right. The brain is split into five different lobes: Frontal Lobe, Parleta Lobe, Occipital Lobe, Temporal Lobe, and Insular Cortex. There is a left and right frontal lobe, split in half we see that for the left side you have more of a valid reasons then others. Where as the right side you tend to think of having ideas towards others. The frontal lobe of the brain has a more conscious thought, it can also have social diffrences. So if you where in public, and you think more with your left, you would be observing everything around you and therefore when approached you talk to a person differently because you were already observing them from a distance. How ever seeing it from the right side, all your doing is going about your business your being more intuitive to your surroundings. If approached youd remember that you saw the person, but only answer there question and move on. Now when the frontal lobe is hurt you tend to have more mood swings, and change in behavior. So the right side would be more personal towards there feelings than a left brain person. Left brain person would want to analyse there feelings, than to share them, or think through like the right side. The right side would be intuned with there feelings more than the left. (not

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