Led's Appication- Li-Fi Essay

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Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and the applications -EE482 project report 1. Introduction to LED light and application [8] Light plays one important rule in human being’s life. The source of light always keeps changing as human being’s technology development continues. Thomas Edison brought the electric light to the public and made it widely use. That was a remarkable milestone of the evolution of light technology of human beings but the developing process of light technology never stops. In 1927, Oleg Losev reported creation of the first LED. After that, LED became a light source, which caught attentions from almost every field with demand of light. LED light has so many advantages that everyone could gain benefits from using it such as high efficiency, multiple colors, flexible size, and long lifetime. [7] For example, LED has so much higher efficiency than other light sources like fluorescent light bulbs or tubes, and more than that, the high efficiency of LED lights are not affected by the shape and size of LED. As a result, the high efficiency of LED light can be beneficial to every field with the requirement of light whether it is daily use or industrial use. LED was used to make signal light on devices to show the working status of devices at the beginning of its application because of the limit of types of LED. But it has been used in wider and wider area since it developed more and more. LED plays an important role in traffic light system nowadays because it can provide clear traffic signal light day and night with different weather and its life period is so much longer than other kinds of traffic light. More than that, more and more car manufacturers use LEDs as their cars’ light because of the evolution of the ability of light direction control, the stability in different road situations. However, LED light source need to be developed more to generate

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