Lecture Notes Marketing Reserach Regression Model Essay

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14/11/2012 One–sample : compare one valriable with the no. given by the researcher ie, if the satisfactory level is 7 Independent : different groups of ppl ,eg. Male ‘s… vs females Comparing the response of DIFFERENT ppl from tai po, shatin , etcKowloon Pair-sample : addidas over nike , comparing the the answers of the same person How to choose the right test : Need to know which type of data you hv n therefore which test Eg. Measurement level of brand from 1 to 4 interval Male or females Independ k Comparing males and females : k=2 Comparing addicas, mike and “XXX”:K=3 EG1. Do males evalaulte brands differently compared to females ? * MEASUREMENT level * Brand evaluation : likert scale , interval * Gender: norminal , dichotomy Choose the one higher in the table , THUS CHOOSE INTERVAL THUS choose t test, ANOVA, (the one on the top row) * Sample v have * Independent sample * K = 2 * > > indepent sample T test Eg2. GENDER independent of region ( 3 regions) * Measurement level gender : norminial dichotomy Region: norminal multiple choice As nommianl multiple choices is higher in the table choose this one * Indepent sample * K= 2 ( refer to gender, choose the one ie gender that you didn’t choose in measurement level , comparing the genders in different regions) Eg3. Brand A equally evaluated across 5 different regions * Measurement : interval ( evalution of brand) Vs norminal (multiple choices of 5 ) but not selected as lower * Independent sample (an answer for different individualSSS) * K=5 Eg4. Brand evalution of brand A is higer than unbranded * Measurement : interval ( evaluation of brand from 1 to 10) * Pair sample : evlation of brand when know or nt know the brand of the same person, (different answers of every individual)

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