Lebron vs Kobe Essay

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Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are two of the most explosive players in the NBA today. Each player has his own playing style that separates him from the rest of the league. Both players have their own career achievements, endorsements, and personal life stories behind the game. If you ask anybody, the comparison between these two players is great. It is a never ending debate between who is better because both players have something different to bring to the table. Side by side on paper, both players seem dominant and may one day end up in the basketball hall of fame. But as individuals, side by side, each has a different but similar life. Lebron James is twenty-four years old and plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron married his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson. Lebron and Savannah James had two children (both boys-Lebron James Junior and Bryce Maximus James). Growing up, Lebron played football in high school. In 2007, Lebron drew much public criticism after declining to sign a petition started by one of his teammates. James also caught a lot of criticism when ... ... middle of paper ... ...their basketball careers with more to come, and have many endorsement deals. Both players are explosive and dynamic in their own respects and each has something different to bring to the table at the end of the day. The comparison between these two has also become known as King James vs. the Black Mamba in recent months, especially during the 2009 NBA Playoffs. And without a doubt, I and many fans of basketball can say that these two athletes will are going to live up to future expectations and do many positive things for their

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