Lebanese Women Democratic Gatherings Essay

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In order to complete this project, I interviewed the President of the organization, Joumana Nassar. The organization was founded in 1976 and is composed of 330 members and between 3000 and 5000 woman and man contact the organization (80% woman and 20% man). Mrs. Joumana insisted on pointing out that achieving the number of 20% man has required a lot of work and effort because they were trying to change their mentality or in better words rectifying it. “The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering is a non-governmental secular women organization that works with the democratic forces in order to achieve full equality between gender, on the basis of the international pacts and treaties.” This represents the mission of the organization, and that is the reason why the logo of this organization is picturing a flying pigeon because they believe women should fly with her rights. The pigeon is holding a flower with his beak because achieving this mission needs peace and should be fought for with reason and not weapons. To realize their mission they have fixed a number of objectives and planed different activities that I will start discussing. I. Objectives The first objective this organization has is to reach equality between man and woman. They also want to lift all reservations on the International agreement for eliminating all forms of discrimination against woman. Furthermore, they want to apply all international agreements to ensure equality between the two genders and in order to amend unfair clauses in penal code, labor, social security and Nationality laws. Involving women in decision-making in different aspects of her life such as within the framework of her family, at work or even in politics is also one important objective of the organization. It also aims on protecting women, promoting the culture of women’s right within human rights and eliminating violence

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