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Fakhry 1 Charles Fakhry English 203 Response 1 The Amazing Zinnia Shweiry 10-24-2011 "I will not love you more if your cheeks were bigger and your melting fake breasts will not satisfy me". That’s how Mohamad Iskandar describes Lebanese women in one of his songs. In her article “Bombs and Botox in Beirut: How Do You Cope with Living in Lebanon? Get a Nose Job”, Alice Fordham criticizesLebanese women and society for their abundant shallowness and indifference towards the violence happening around them. Her arguments are somewhat repetitive and she only describes what she sees from an outsider’s point of view. Fordham is not Lebanese; she hasn’t experienced our history and hasn’t shared our miseries and tragedies; nor has my generation to speak truly, but all the stories of violence have been passed down to us by our parents and grandparents. Thus, she surely does not understand that urge in the Lebanese spirits to move on and get on with our lives. “How can they expend so much time and effort on something so vain when, as earlier this week, there was a bus bomb in Tripoli?” (Paragraph 3).I understand her concern; but would it change anything if we stayed home for a week, mourning these deaths? Would they come back to life? No. We all feel sympathy and pray for the deceased, but we do not stop our lives over it because it would only render us sad and angry at the world. It’s the Lebanese way of life, we are known for our love of living, of having fun, of making the most of our days and nights because – and this may seem a bit exaggerated and overdramatic – that night and that party may be our last. That sense of living is a quality to praise, not a flaw to point out. The secret of happiness is moving on. Fordham also says: “And I am not the only foreigner sinking Lebanese rosé here this summer.” Fakhry 2 (Paragraph 7). She is somehow contradicting

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