Learnings in Computer Technology Essay

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LEARNINGS IN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY Computers are an integral part of life. In today’s world computer has become an essential part of our life and it is our best companion. Life has been made simple and world has been made a pleasurable place by the advent of the computer. We could not imagine a day without Computer. Computer education is a part of many schools' required curricula. Computer and technology classes are one way to ensure students have exposure and gain experience in using technology. Technology and computers can also be integrated in the instructional classroom. When technology is properly integrated in educational curricula, students will learn more than just the core subjects; technology learning and application will take place. Computer technology benefits schools and their students by varying the lessons taught in the classroom. Computers allow teachers to present lessons to the entire class using projection technology to incorporate graphics such as pictures and video, allowing greater opportunities than those available on the traditional chalk or white boards. Other benefits for students include the use of simulation software allowing students to learn by interacting with the computer software using the variety of media available on the computer. Enrolling in this subject gave me the opportunity to enhance more my skills with regards in using computer. Before, I only learned to encode and directly print a document, but now I already learned to save a document in a file. I also learned the different control keys in which to use without a mouse. Aside from that, I also learned to beautify such documents by adding colors, text effects, and so others. Aside from these basic computer learnings, I also learned to make my own calling card, for which I will be using if ever I’ll be having my own business in the future, at first, I
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