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Ed Psych 5531 Learning Theories and Education Karin Tinsley Final Exam Fall 2011 1. Compare and contrast Expertise theory and Socio-cultural theories in terms of their answers to the six questions. How are they similar and how do they differ? (15 points) With the answers of the six questions between the expertise theory and the socio cultural theorist, you can really see the similarities and differences between the two theories. When you ask the first question and look at the expertise theory, the nature of knowledge is a stored knowledge of patterns. The idea is if you can master the patterns and probability of what ever content you could be an expert at that something. In answering the first question there is also the idea of principled knowledge, where knowledge exist with in the ideas of a game. Each content area has its own principles that lay the foundation. In any given content area there is also goals, strategies and procedures that are associated with them. With this theory you can be very good at something or an expert but not necessarily intelligent. When you’re looking at the nature of knowledge according to a socio theorist, such as Vygotsky, the orientation of concepts are important, like true or pseudo concepts. Where true concepts are scientific, experimented facts, and pseudo concepts are the idea of naïve theories. There are also the functions of individuals, like perceptions, attention, language, thinking and memory. Some of these abstract functions create the idea of humans being superior beings. This whole idea of superior beings brings me back to the expertise theory. If these are the functions of an individual that with the use of these functions (attention, thinking, memory) you can become an expertise at any given concept by storing principles of its foundation. I do believe though with in this question there is a similarity

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