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Learning Teamc Week 5 Reflection Essay

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Learning Team C Week Five Reflection
Management, MGT/521
September 3, 2012
Learning Team C Week Five Reflection
      This paper is in part of Learning Team C Week Four Reflection describes the view after watching the video case described iContact: Blazing the Trail for email Marketing. The members of Team C found aspects that others did not in learning about the success of Ryan and Aaron and his business. This paper advance to Learning Team C Week Five Reflection: The first part is to identify methodologies for adapting different types of businesses to changing markets. Second part is to determine the impact of economics on business. Finally, the descriptions role of human resources management in achieving business goals, and the next page identifying and adapting different types of businesses to changing markets.

  Identify methodologies for adapting different types of businesses to changing markets.

      Today’s businesses have taken various methodologies to adapt to rapidly changing markets. The inactive markets, overcapacity, and a vast increase in assertive competition are causing businesses to reassess current business models. Adapting business models to the changing market is an important interest to all types of organizations. For example, businesses must need to updates and dispose obsolete items, not efficient facilities, equipment, and use the Internet highway to rich diverse customers and sell directly to him or her.
      Responding to these changes requires an organization to adapt design, manufacturing, and marketing to local and global communities. In this overpopulated market simply it is not enough these days to launch new products. The reasons for this because in changing markets business leaders have to release complete categories: a) create entirely new products; b) services that redefine borders, and c) generate sustainable new growth. For example, Wal-Mart has added Apple stores within-a-store and...

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