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Learning Team Reflection: Week 2 IRAC Brief LAW/531 May 01, 2014 Dr. Andre Boyer Learning Team Reflection: IRAC Brief Learning Team A has decided to examine an actual case that resonates with all of its members. Historically, it was a common practice for people to record music from the radio onto cassette tapes. Many of these cassette tapes were reproduced and even sold for a profit as mixed tapes. While this constitutes a copyright infringement, it was not generally pursued as a legal matter with the intent of stopping the illegal copying of intellectual property. Fast-forward to today and people are copying music from Internet sites for their own personal enjoyment as well as to make extra money. These reproductions have resulted in a loss of revenue to numerous artists and have resulted in lawsuits against consumers and businesses who continue to distribute music with no regard for the copyrights. The Case Boston-based company ReDigi designed a way to share or sell music on-line while steering clear of copyright infringement. According to Johnson (2013), the company stated that, “Our technology gives you the tools to access ownership rights to your digital property so that you can sell a used mp3 just as you would sell a used CD should you decide you no longer wish to own it” (para. 3). In the past, courts have found that the unauthorized duplication of digital music files over the Internet infringes on a copyright owner’s exclusive right to reproduce their work. Issue: Johnson (2013) reported that ReDigi specified, “It never makes copies of music and describes the technology behind the service as follows: Once you upload a song to your Cloud it is instantaneously removed from your library” (para. 5). Rule: The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York concluded that this file transfer constitutes reproduction. Johnson (2013)
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