Learning Team B Reflections Essay

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Learning Team B Reflection Alicia Miller, Anthony Stewart, Rebecca Davis, William Freemon, Theresa Forbush MGT/311 May 27, 2013 Jeffrey Atkinson During the course of this week’s study and discussions, the team defined the difference between a group and a team. The team evaluated concepts and strategies that helped in developing effective groups and teams as well as conflict resolution within an organization. This week’s readings from Organizational Behavior introduced team members to “Foundations of Group Behavior,” Chapter 9; “Understanding Work Teams,” Chapter 10; and “Conflict and Negotiation,” Chapter 14. Team members expanded on discussions by introducing examples of team and group development and how they handle conflict within their day-to-day lives as employees and managers. Chapter 9, “Foundations of Group Behavior,” introduced us to the five stages of group development in which team members could rationalize and comprehend the various stages and could apply them to past and present work environments. One challenge the team noted as a key contributor in sustaining good performance as a group and team is establishment and observation of group norms and equality among group members. Any member who perceives that their role is less significant than others is far more likely to engage in negative behavior. The same as a member who perceives his or her role as more significant, if the team does not have the same perception, this can result in the entire team engaging in negative behavior. The group excelled at recognition of these fundamentals and had little difficulty with the information. Chapter 10, “Understanding Work Teams,” introduced the team to the concept of working teams, the need for working teams and how to effectively develop high
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