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Learning Team Leadership Analysis Learning Team Leadership Analysis This is a group that consists of five (5) team members, which will reflect five (5) different personalities and five different backgrounds. Each team member posses his or her own particular leadership style, which reflects in their assessments. I began to reflect back on my shift in roles. As I think back on my transition from a follower, to a supervisor, and to my current position as a manager, I realized those were very difficult periods for me. I knew that as time progressed I would have learn how to change the way I viewed things as well as how I reacted to certain situations. According to Avolio, Yammarino (2008), “Leadership involves the ability “to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organizations of which they are members.” I completed the assessments and the majority of what the assessment revealed had a lot of relevancy. The first assessment I completed was, How Good am I at Building and Leading Teams. I scored 100. According to the score I received reflected I was a strong team member. I agree with that because I am a team player at all times. The next assessment I completed was What’s my Leadership Style. I scored an eight (8) on the concern for people, which was a high score according to the assessment and I scored a thirteen (13) on the concern for task, which was also high. According to the assessment the scores in these two particular categories relayed balance, indicating that on a weighted scale I would equaled out. This is where I display balance. I am not too much into the people that I neglect the task nor am I too much into the task that I neglect the people. Next, I completed What’s my preferred Conflict-Handling Style. During this assessment I felt that it reflects more of the leadership
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