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Learning Styles Research Paper Team A – Jennifer Strategies for Success September 8, 2009 There are 3 basic types of learning styles that are used to obtain and store information for students. They are Visual – Spatial (eye smart) Learning style which is one who learns holistically – thinks in pictures, the Auditory (ear smart) Learning Style which learns by listening – verbal communication, and the Tactile (action smart) Learning Style which prefers the hands on approach to learning. The world is full of unique individual people; these different learning styles show us that are learning styles are just as unique as the individual that is using them to learn. Research of the Visual – Spatial learning style is a misunderstood learning style. Children and people with this learning style are often perceived as being lazy or that they don’t care. When in reality they just need to be taught in a different manner than what is currently being taught in our school system. Teachers try to force the children to learn by rote memorization and drill which that type of learning is actually detrimental to this learning style it enforces the child or individual to feel like a failure, which in turn causes them to lose self esteem and start to hate learning. The Visual learner needs to see the whole picture before they can understand the parts of it; they prefer to learn by pictures, charts, graphs, diagrams, films and outlines. People with this learning style often have vivid imaginations, they tend to remember faces and not names and their facial expressions tend to show their emotions. They tend to be good at mathematical analysis and their reading comprehension is usually good. Some ways that you can tell that your child is a visual learner is by some of the choices in activities they partake in such as legos, computer games, art and music. Parents of children with

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