Learning Styles Based on Male and Female Essay

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Learning Styles based on Male and Female Evaristo Sanchez EOP 100, Section 7 Dr. Rabago November 9, 2012 Abstract In accord with research learning styles play a major role in our educational career. It impacts us in the way that we are able to understand and comprehend what it is that we are being taught and what we are obligated to learn whether if it is for self interest or for a better understanding. This paper will show some learning styles that are suitable for males and females. As we all know it males and females are hardly ever the same we don’t look the same we don’t talk the same we don’t even have the same learning styles but on occasions we do. This paper will also examine the learning styles of males and females in their fields of study, the impact it has on academic achievements, the effect it has in the hunter and gatherer mind also in diverse nations. Learning Styles based on Male and Female One of the most important and widely over looked concepts that are very useful in understanding and learning is learning styles. Learning styles are a variety of ways that one can use to learn. Everyone has their very own and distinct ways of learning, tests have been made to determine the specific way that one learns and which learning style would be suitable for them in achieving greatness. Although, when tested at a young age it can result different when tested at an older age. Attaining your very own specific learning style is very crucial because of the fact that it could very well be an important factor as you proceed to expand your knowledge and acquire new skills. It has been shown that both males and females have different and unique learning styles when compared to one another. They differ depending on gender, field of study, in diverse nations, even among same or different ethnical backgrounds. Not all tests based on learning styles are

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