Learning Styles And Personality Types

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Learning Styles and Personality Types Knowing various types of learning styles and understanding which learning style fits your skill set will help to achieve your goals. One style of learning is intrapersonal. An intrapersonal style learner tends to need quiet time for studying and prefers working independently. They are known for having strong opinions but will evaluate issues before expressing an opinion. Intrapersonal style learner sometimes has issues with getting other people to understand their point of view. Interpersonal style learners are referred to as being great communicators. They prefer working as a team and enjoy socializing with others. Most interpersonal style learners are known for their experience in resolving issues and settling conflicts. People feel comfortable expressing their feelings to interpersonal style learners because they are good at understanding people. Verbal style learners are also considered to have great communication skills. They analyze using their own written and verbal communications. Verbal style learners express views which are clearly understood by others. They also have good negotiating skills which make them very convincing. In order to establish a process for effective communication between interpersonal, intrapersonal, and verbal style learners, each learner should complete an individual assessment comparing areas on weaknesses and strengths. Once this has been established the group should set goals in which each individual uses their learning style for reaching the set goal. Each learner should be open to alternate styles of learning which will help in areas of weaknesses. Learning to work as a team and resolving any differences that may occur. Personality types are also used to determine how well you communicate effectively. A thinker seeks out truth on
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