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Learning styles - The Theory of Multiple Intelligences Have you ever though why you cannot get something when another person can learn with ease? Or why you have to have detail information when another person has never opened a book to get an A? Most people have never though that everyone learns different ways. The learning style you have can be different than your best friends’ learning style. Learning about the different learning styles can help you discover how to teach you to learn your way. The first learning style is Visual Learning. What is the Visual Learning Style? This style has to see what is being talk about. In a class, you can listen to a lecture. You cannot quite figure out what is being said until the teacher either writes down the notes or shows an object or picture. That is visual learning. Students may have to take notes or write pictures of their own. They may have to close their eyes to see the picture of what they are hearing. They benefit from using illustrations or PowerPoint presentations that use color or pictures. When trying to find a visual learner, you notice that they are usually neat and clean. They can be very organized. They tend to sit at the front of the classroom. They are usually looking around the classroom as if they are bored or looking for something. Overall, visual learning can be one of the hardest learning styles to have because of all the items involved to have. (Starbuck, 2013) Auditory Learning is the next style to have in learning. Auditory learning is learning by listening. These learners learn best by hearing the lecture. They will remember the information that is said more accurately than having to write it out. To identify the auditory learner, these students may not have matching colors of clothes, but can tell you why they chose these clothes. They will hum or talk to themselves when they feel bored and need

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