Learning Styles Essay

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As my life has moved forward from young boy to adulthood, my methods of learning has changed drastically. As I began to develop new strategies and learned from others about how they comprehend information, my ways of learning have only gotten better and better. My methods of learning came from more than school. They came from personal experiences such as sports, traveling, studying new theories, my prior history and looking at the mistakes from others. Now that I’m at an age where I can confidently say what type of learner I am, it’s very easy for me to process information. Everyone has their own way of processing information and how to use it and everyone should learn to be open minded of how others around the world may think about how others see the world around them. The type of learning that I have been using most of my life is kinesthetic, solitary and logical. One the most effective ways for me to learn is through the process of kinesthetic learning. I believe I got this method of learning from sports and a love for science. Whenever I do exercises, I learn more about myself whenever I read books about the human bodies. When I look at studies about other people bodies, a lot of times, they don’t apply to me. Since so many studies are done with people who aren’t similar to me, it can be hard for me to sometimes follow the information because it might not apply to me. Many studies could also include bias and also information that has already been proven to be false. This is the main reason why I like sciences such as chemistry and biology because you could actually have hands on experience with what you’re learning. Also, when I do hands on tasks, I always tend to remember it better than it I just read it from a book. I get to remember the sensation that I have gotten from physically touching the item. Hands on learning is also a lot more fun for me

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