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Learning Styles Essay Final Draft Darlene Esquivel INFT 101-08B LUO October 11, 2013, We all know God created man. He created each person uniquely and awesomely different. Therefore, each person has a unique way of learning important material. There are at least seven learning styles. The three most popular learning styles individuals are categorized into are: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. The type of learning styles involves using the three types of senses: seeing, hearing and touch. Students, as a whole, are able to learn the same material. Individually, students learn the same material but by different learning styles. Learning styles consist of different learning strategies that are unique to each student. Learning styles are defined by which sense is being used more dominate over the other senses while learning. Auditory learners utilize as much auditory information as possible when learning. Visuals leaners use as much visual information as possible when learning. Kinesthetic learners use as much physical interaction as possible when learning. I personally fall into the visual learning style category. Classified as a visual learner is no surprise, because I use most of the learning strategies. I am the type of person who makes list, reads to gain information, and color coat my calendars, notes and reading material. Different learning styles have unique learning strategies. Auditory learners focus on using strategies that consist of reading a loud and listening to obtain information. Kinesthetic learners strategies consist of taking more breaks while studying with a more hands on approach for learning material. One of the visual learner strategies consists of sitting in an area with few visual distractors as possible. Visual learners prefer to read textbooks to obtain important information. Another strategy visual learners use,

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