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Abs tract There are several learning styles that we all use everyday. This research report will identify three learning styles and discuss there characteristics. I reviewed several articles and books on learning styles such as Three Facets of Visual and Verbal Learner: Cognitive Ability, Cognitive Style and Learning Preference, Learning Style: State of the Science. Theory into Practice and Learning Style: An Overview. My research included an inventory taken by 3 family members, 3 co-workers and 3 friends which I will discuss the most used and most valuable learning style. I will gather feed back from the 9 people who took the inventory to see if they agree or disagree with the results. A Study of Learning Styles Have you ever attended a seminar and found it incredibility boring? Maybe you wanted to leave or fall asleep. However, perhaps you also noticed certain learners taking notes. Perhaps you noticed some learners laughing, nodding or responding to the speaker. Why do they seem to be so interested, if you were not? One possible reason is that the topic of the seminar interested them and it did not interest you. Another possible reason is that those learners liked attending seminars as a way of learning something that you didn’t. The point is different people have different ways they like to learn. Some like seminars, others hate it. Some like to work in groups, others do not. Certain people like to learn by doing something, others like to learn by reading about it first. These examples are called learning styles. A learning style can be defined as the set of cognitive, emotional, characteristic and psychological factors that serve as relatively stable indicators of how a learner perceives, interacts with, and responds to the learning environment (Keefe, 1979). Factors The determination of a certain learning style can be attributed to several factors.

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