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Diana Sanchez Instructor: Ebel Moya ENC English 1101 The three learning style This introduction puts learning style information into easy to understand language and provides sources where you can learn more. You may realize that people learn and process information in different ways, but can you describe what those differences are or improve the unique ways that you learn? For decades, education researchers designed models that differentiate how people learn, yet the results are often harder to understand that people they describe. There are three basic types of learning styles: Visual, auditory and kinesthetic. It also known as VAKT (visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile) is based on modalities by which human expression can take place and is composed of a combination of perception and memory. If you feel like you can’t learn something important –even after you see a method a friend, a parent, or a teacher suggested- you might have a different learning style than that person and their approach might not be the best approach for you. We all learn and process information in our own special way, though we all share some learning patterns references, and approaches. Now I’m going to focus on one of the three learning styles. The visual learners are those who learn things through seeing them, the visual learner like to keep an eye on the teacher by sitting on the front, and to be more specific, they are like monkeys, monkey see monkey do. The following are the most common characteristics of people who learn visually. One of their skills is to know and interpret body language, and they have a good perception, they also memorize and recall some information. They learn the pig pictures first and then, focus on the details. Is very common for them to use flashcards to study vocabulary, and is very necessary for those students to

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