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LEARNING STYLES There are three different learning styles that will be discussed in this paper Visual, Audio, and Tactile / Kinesthetic. We will discuss the characteristics of each one, as well as ideas that will help you use each style in the learning process. We will also discuss different teaching techniques that can help an instructor be more productive in the classroom, so they may have the tools to deliver their message to every student, no matter what their learning style may be. The first type of learning style we will discuss is the visual learner. The visual learner likes to see what they are learning (Conner, 2004). This type of learner makes up 65% of the population. Visual learners learn from seeing things like pictures, power point presentations, and charts. A visual learner will take detailed notes during a class discussion or lecture. They will see pictures in their minds when someone is talking or explaining something to them (Yates, 2006). During the class I found out through a questionaire that one of my learning styles was visual. I can relate to that style very well because I find myself playing back memories like a movie in my mind. Taking notes is also something I find myself doing quite often. Some things a visual learner can do to help them become more proficient in that type of style would be to learn from videos, read books that paint a clear picture, use notes and flash cards to study with, and use outlines of reading assighnments to guide their reading. These are just a few of the many things a visual learner can do to make learning easier and more productive (Yates, 2006). The second type of learning style we will talk about is the auditory learner. There are two types of auditory learners. The first type is the auditory listener. This type of learner likes to listen to other people. This type of learner also likes to

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