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Understanding Your Learning Styles 1 An Introduction to Understanding Learning Styles Introduction Have you ever wondered why you perform better under the tutelage of one instructor versus another in the exact same subject? The answer very well could lie in the way the instructor presents the information and the type of learning style that best meets your needs. Everyone has a different learning style and learns better through different means. Understanding your particular learning style and how to best meet the needs of that learning style is essential to performing better in the classroom. Once you have unlocked your learning style and discovered the best methods for helping you to learn through that style, you my be surprised to discover just how well you can flourish in the classroom, even in subjects that you previously found difficult. What are Learning Styles? Before we delve into how to best benefit from identifying your learning style, we need to spend a few moments studying the different types of learning styles and how to best identify which learning style category you fit into. Learning styles refer to the variations in your ability to accumulate as well as assimilate information. Basically, your learning style is the method that best allows you to gather and use knowledge in a specific manner. Most experts agree that there are three basic learning styles. Each individual may possess a single style or could possess a combination of different learning styles. In most cases, the characteristics of a learning style can even be observed at a relatively young age. 2 Once you have identified your particular learning style you will be able to identify ways in which you can adapt the learning process and your studies to maximize your education. Visual Learners Individuals who fall into this category typically learn through what they are able

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