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Learning Styles Surveys such as the Kolb survey and the Lazear survey are used to predict the learning style of an individual and give an outline of how a person learns material best by asking questions regarding the person’s personal interest and or habits. While many can argue that these surveys are a good learning tool to assess individuals learning styles, I felt that the questions on these surveys where to broad and therefore not capable of being completely accurate in the results. Furthermore, it is easy to fall into one or more categories of learning styles based on these surveys. While these surveys do give a general idea of a persons learning style, they can never fully determine how each person really learns best, because each person is different and no two people learn in the same exact way. Therefore based on my results I do not think all college students would benefit from taking this kind of surveys. The results from the two surveys I took where not very accurate. I believe the reason for their inaccuracy was the way in which many of the questions where worded. For example, questions in the survey asked whether I liked music but liking music does not necessarily mean I can learn better with music rather than any other form. Many questions where repetitive and all failed to ask personal questions such as, if I grew up playing an instrument. Just because an individual can do, something does not necessarily mean they enjoy doing it. Same goes for the questions regarding school subjects such as whether someone is good at math and could be but not necessarily enjoy doing it. Other questions where redundant and in no way reflects your ability to learn such as whether you to go to parties. It does not state how many times you go to parties or what kind of parties you attend for that matter. Having vivid dreams is also a question that was questionable

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