Learning Styles Essay

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Cognitive Learning Cognitive approaches to learning consider learning terms of thought processes or cognition. Psychologists working from the cognitive learning perspective do not deny the importance of classical and operant conditioning, they have developed approaches that focus on the unseen mental processes that occur during learning rather than centrating solely on external stimuli, response and reinforcements. Name:______________ Date:______________ Cognitive Quiz 1) Cognitive learning theorists are concerned only with overt behavior, not with its internal causes. True or False 2) Two types of learning in which no obvious prior reinforcement present? 3) Define Cognitive learning Theory? 4) In cognitive learning theorists is assumed that people develop ____________about receiving a reinforce when they behave a certain way. 5) In____________ learning, a new behavior is learning but it is not shown until appropriate reinforcement is present. 6) Bandura’s __________theory of learning sates that people learn through watching an ____________ (another person displaying the behavior of interest). 7) How do you learn Cognitive? 8) Four steps that Bandura found in observational learning? 9) In__________ a new behavior is learned but not demonstrated until some incentive provided for displayed it. 10) Situations argue against regard learning as the unthinking, mechanical, and automatic acquisition of associations between stimuli and response, as in classical conditioning, or the presentation of reinforcement , as in operant conditioning. True or False Congitive Quiz Answer key 1.) False 2.) Latent learning and Observational learning 3.) An approach to the study of learning that fcuses on the thought processes that under lie learning 4.) Expectations 5.) Latent

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