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Kyle Cabe Dr. Brenda J. Kennedy English 111 100S September 30, 2011 Learning Styles Project Learning is vital to the survival of human beings. Learning is the key to our technological advances, our social skills, and almost all aspects of life. Even in infancy our minds are like a sponge, soaking up loads of information from the world and translating it into useful memory. Despite the amount of learning we do on a daily basis and how much information we subconsciously retain, we all have a learning style that is unique to us. Understanding your learning style draws the line between being an average learner and being an advanced learner. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your learning style allows you to utilize techniques that support your style and ultimately helps you retain information better. Through multiple online assessments I have discovered that visual/spatial learning is my dominant learning style, along with intrapersonal and tactile being my lesser learning styles. As a child one of my favorite things to do was build with Legos. Castles, planes, cars, robots, etc. you name it and I could make it. Running off of pure creativity I could picture something in my head and turn it into something tangible. I have always been a very creative person with a strong imagination, sense of surrounding, and sense of direction. Growing older I have noticed that I am also very quiet and observant. Sitting back watching people, for example play sports or cook a meal, is how I have always learned to do things. That is how babies learn to speak their fluent language, it is how people learn their cultures practices, and there are many other things we as people have learned by just observing. This is the basic principle behind the visual/spatial learning style. I need an image to be put in my head, whether it comes from just observing an action or a video clip,

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