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I have never really given much thought to my learning style or learning styles in general until this class. I have learned that there are many considerations that must be addressed in order to determine a person’s learning style. I have also learned that not all people have the same learning style and sometimes one person has multiple learning styles. I did not know that so many categories of learning styles existed until I took the Index of Learning Styles Inventory. That inventory revealed that there are active and reflective learners, sensing and intuitive learners, visual and verbal learners amongst other categories of learners. I chose to seek a college degree for a many reasons. A few years ago, I earned an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Bay State University and now I want to further my education on that subject. I also chose to seek a Bachelor’s degree to separate myself from my colleagues in the area of civilian education. By obtaining a bachelor’s degree, it will hopefully help me get promoted ahead of my peers. Lastly, I chose to purse a Bachelor’s degree to prepare myself for a career after the military. I will retire from the Army at the age of 40. I have decided that after the military, I am going to pursue a career as a Law Enforcement Officer. Hopefully, a Bachelor’s degree paired with my military service will better prepare me for that career. The Learning Style Inventory concluded that I am a visual learner. The results suggested that I should “use charts, maps, filmstrips, notes and flashcards” to enhance my learning (Bixler, 2010, para. 2). The Learning Style Inventory also stated that as a visual learner, I should “write out everything for frequent and quick visual review” (Bixler, 2010, para. 2). The Index of Learning Styles also revealed that I am a visual learner as opposed to a verbal learner. The Index of Learning Styles

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