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Introduction The Year 1 Curriculum: English requires students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating. These requirements underpin this learning program in that its focus is exploring the concept of questioning, question formation, and producing a letter/email requesting information. This is achieved through the context of mini- beasts and informed by KWL charts compiled in science classes. This program also enables students to develop reading fluency and comprehension in a reading theatre project. This second reading theatre of the term will culminate in the recording of the performance and it’s placement on the school website for family and friends to access. First Lesson This lesson introduces the concept of questioning through the book, “Dear Mr Blueberry”, and class discussion. Students exercise autonomy in selecting a mini-beast and a question they would like to ask from the related KWL chart. Individual, repeated and peer reading activities are provided in the first reading theatre practice. Second Lesson Question formation is introduced through a mystery bag activity, and students proceed to compare, contrast and categorise questions. Worked examples are provided. A second practice for reading theatre involves repeated reading and peer reading activities. Third Lesson A reading of the book, ‘Speckle the Spider”, provides visual/auditory input, engagement and a model of a letter. Explicit teaching and a whole class writing activity demonstrate the components and processes of writing a letter. A third reading theatre practice is provided. Fourth Lesson This lesson provides students with the opportunity to achieve their goals of composing and submitting their letters and recording the reading theatres. 261 words Learning Area Rationale: English The study of English is

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