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Learning Perspectives Essay

  • Submitted by: rgterry04
  • on January 17, 2011
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Learning Perspectives
Rebecca Terry
Grand Canyon University
EDU 313N
October 16th, 2010

Learning Perspectives
In the broadest sense learning perspectives can be divided into three general theoretical groups; cognitive psychology, behaviorism, and social cognitive theory. Each of these differ in their main focus about learning but it is the ways that they are similar and possibly compliment each other that help teachers create successful learning environments. Ormrod emphasizes the following point about diverse learning perspectives; “Diverse perspectives of learning often complement, rather than contradict, one another, and together, they give us a richer, more multifaceted picture of human learning than any single perspective can give us by itself.” (2008) With that said this essay gives a brief description of the above three learning perspectives, followed by an explanation of what these perspectives might look like in a classroom. Additionally, some possible classroom activities are demonstrated through three different lesson plans.
Learning Perspectives
Cognitive psychology technically defined by the way it is used to determine what goes on inside the learner is; “a large body of research that addresses a variety of mental phenomena that underlie human behavior-perception, memory, reasoning and so on.” (Ormrod, 2008) However, cognitive psychology is not that simple it also includes the very important learning perspectives of information processing theory and constructivism. Constructivism is a very important aspect of cognitive psychology. Since the 1900’s research on brain development has proven the constructivist theory in that it reflects the best understanding of the brains natural way of making sense of the world. “Constructivist learning is and intensely subjective, personal process and structure that each person constantly and actively modifies in light of new experiences.” (Abbot & Ryan, 1999) What to...

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