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Learning Paper The concept of learning consist of understanding, using and comprehending new tasks that are taught by ourselves or by others. How we learn determines how well our learning is conceptualized and how we use it and how well we perform. The concept of learning also show how each individual learn in their own unique way. When we learn from the instant we come into the world and it is either by nature and nurture. As an infant we learn to crawl, walk and talk either by example or it just comes naturally for us. Learning is about gaining knowledge and retaining it. "The everyday meaning of the word knowledge implies a level of conscious awareness and verbalizable recall that is not present in many instances of learning." (Terry. S, 2009 P. 5). To learn we have to gain knowledge and be able to recall it. "Learning may be defined as a relatively permanent change in behavior, or behavioral repertoire, that occurs as a result of experience." (Terry. S, 2009 P. 5). Experiences is on concept that is a part of learning. With experience there is learning in everything we do in our lives that conceptualizes how we change our behaviors and what we learn from changing those behaviors. We learn from experiences when we are child that could affect us later on in life and can change our behaviors. There are however difference between learning and performance that can be distinguish by how people change their behavior. We may learn a new task and grasp it, but it is ultimately how we perform in using that new knowledge. In a study that was conducted by Albert Bandura did with his students is a prime example how performance and learning differ from each other. The purpose of this study was to see if children who watched a video of a doll being kicked and punch would teach the children the same concept. "In one condition of the experiment, the model in

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