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Learning Journal Essay

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What is assessment? Assessment is the process collecting information about students learning progresses and students learning product. This assessment aimed for repaired teaching, learning and can monitoring the student progresses. Process assessment is an assessment conduct of teaching learning assessment. Product assessment is an assessment conduct of teaching learning product. The product of assessment is interview, observe, giving a test. The interpretation of process is called evaluation.
The correlation between teaching-learning, assessment, and test. Test is an assessment, but assessment is not about a test. How about the method of assessment? Assessment made of two point, those are product assessment and process assessment. Product assessment consists of a test that has two purpose, first purpose is to measure knowledge and comprehension, the second is to measure higher thinking process. The process assessment made of two points, those are informal process assessment such as teacher’s oral and written comments, and formal process assessment such as portofolios, journals/ logs, conferences, interviews, observations, self-and peer-assessment. Bloom’s taxonomy of cognitive consist knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation.
Core competencies in curriculum 2013: 1) Comprehending and applying the religion divine values. 2) Comprehending and applying the honesty, self-discipline, care to others (cooperation, tolerance, peace-loving) polite, responsive and proactive attitudes in solving various matters; in interacting effectively with the social and natural environment; and being good Indonesian in world socialization. 3)Understanding, applying, analyzing factual, conceptual, and procedural knowledge based on the interest in science, technology, cultural art, and humanities with humanity, nationalistic, and civilized views in relating to the causes of phenomena and matters and applying the procedural...

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