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Learning Journal Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Key skills workplace assignment

Organising an outing
It’s important that outings with a group of clients run smoothly, and this takes careful planning. The purpose of this assignment is to take you through the steps of planning an outing for a group of clients and their helpers. After the outing, you’ll carry out a survey to find out what everyone thought of the event, and produce a short report about the outing and the results of your survey.

The assignment asks you to: 1 decide on a suitable outing 2 plan the outing 3 help run the outing 4 check client satisfaction 5 produce a report of the results 6 rate your own performance

May be relevant to
C2.1a, WO2.1 C2.1b WO2.2 C2.3, WO2.2, 2.3 C2.3, WO2.3

• • • • • Keep all your notes, drafts and other resources, and copies of letters and records of telephone calls and meetings. Keep the evidence of working out your findings. Proofread all written work to check punctuation, grammar and spelling. If you are unsure about it, ask someone else to read through your work to check it for accuracy. If possible, get your boss or colleagues to evaluate your performance. If in doubt at any time, ask your trainer or mentor for guidance.

Suitable for: learners in care homes

What you need to do
Stage 1 Decide on a suitable outing
Meet with your unit manager and colleagues to discuss the project and decide on the type of outing that would be most suitable. Consider the needs and preferences of the clients who will be participating, and the desired outcomes (whether the outing will have an educational purpose or be purely for pleasure). Clarify your objectives and responsibilities. Keep a record of the discussion, and use your notes to make a plan of the arrangements. Consider, for example: • • • • • • the duration of the outing the numbers participating a suitable venue suitable transport arrangements health and safety issues other requirements of the group.

Use a variety of information sources...

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