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Learning Journal 1 Essay

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Learning Journal 1
Justin Cosman A00363382
October 4, 2013

Concept- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility is when an organization takes part in activities intended to benefit society and the environment past the companies financial goals or legal requirements. Within this responsibility is it said that the organization will take on something of a contract with society that states they must tend to stakeholders other than the obvious shareholders in the organization.

Many organizations, when taking on CRS will take on with it the triple bottom line philosophy, which states that they try to support sustainability in all economic, social, and environmental spheres. They put considerable effort to maintain sustainable conditions for society and become greener by minimizing many, if not all negative effects on the environment.

There are many ways for organizations to incorporate corporate social responsibility into their business and be profitable as well. Long run profitability is one of many internal gains that can arise from CSR. When businesses improve their way of work to fit this concept, customers begin to view the business in a new light of community, sustainability and economic growth, which ultimately leads to more customers at the doors.

My Experience- Prohibition of Smoking on Campus

This year my university has made the decision of banning smoking on campus. This decision has come about due to the high volume of smoking that happens in many of the highly travelled areas on campus grounds. Also a result that has come about when smoking is allowed is the amount of pollution, its effects on how the school is viewed and its many effects on the physical environment.

The fact that smoking has been banned on campus is a prime example of corporate social responsibility and its resulting effects. Saint Mary’s decision to implement this new rule has had far reaching effects, not just on students that attend the...

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