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A unique growth I have ever heard a sentence which said “one’s real value first lies in to what degree and what sense he set himself .” Different people have different ways to grow up . And it’s natural for most people to obey the traditional way . However ,Paul was different from others ,for he had an independent soul . Paul had a valiant fighting spirit and behaved like a brave petrel was flying in the sea with rolling billows. When he was a teenage ,he took a adventure with his old brother ---they drifted down from the steep rapids . When they arrived home ,they were scolded for doing such stupid thing . Paul just seemed to glance off and not chang his behavior at all, but his brother Norman was unhappy about the daring attempt. Paul had a audacious mind and behaved like a creative child always did some astonishing things. And Paul and his brother learned the flying skills from their father. Norman was used to fishing with the traditional way ,but Paul was different from his brother ,he created a new way to fish . So every time Paul caught more fish than Norman. Paul was by nature revolutionary and unconventional. At that time ,American is a country of racism, but Paul didn’t about this. He once fell in love with a girl of India and he took the Indian girl forcefully to a pub where didn’t welcome Indians. As Norman once said :”Paul was different . His tough ness came from some secret place inside of him. He simply knew he was tougher than anyone alive.” In the end ,Paul died a violent death ,for he was too obstinate to let anyone help him even though he was in debt. In my opinion ,he was a sensible person ,and he didn’t want someone else to worry about him. Hie death was peaceful and he would stay with the running river all through. In my personal opinion , I admired the way Paul had coped with life. Though his life was short , he

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