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Introduction A learning disability is a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to process and respond to information. The term 'learning disability' describes the unexplained difficulty of a person in acquiring basic academic skills of learning, although the person may be of average or above average intelligence. A person with learning disabilities may not have any major sensory problems like blindness or hearing impairment and yet struggle to keep up with people of their age in functions of learning and regular daily activities. However LD is not a single disorder but a group of disorders and has several social and legislative implications. Learning disabilities in a person can affect a person's basic skills of listening, comprehension, writing, reading, speaking, reasoning or calculating (Brown, 2003; Geary 2005). Background This case study was produced on a grade 6 boy by the name of Daniel Pitterson. He lives with his mother, an older brother, younger brother and recently a step-father, in a community near the school. He is of a low socio-economic background and his mother is the sole breadwinner of the household. She works as a janitor at a nearby basic school and also rears chickens at home. Daniel is always present at school, even if his mother has no money to give him to purchase a snack. He is also on the school’s PATH programme, so he always receives a nourishing hot meal while he is attending school. I started my case study by submitting a questionnaire to the child; which I read orally for him, the parent, his former grade 5 teacher and his present grade 6 teacher. From the questionnaire that I gave to the parent one of the question asked about problems in hearing or ear infections as a baby. I asked this question because whenever a child is suspected of learning disability al the physical health must be examined and diagnosed

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