Learning Another Language Should Be Mandatory Essay

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Our world contains over 6,000 different spoken languages, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English are a few of the most widely spoken languages in our world with approximately 1,917,000,000 people speaking Mandarin Chinese, 406,000,000 people speaking Spanish and 335,000,000 speaking English. Mandarin Chinese and Spanish happen to be very popular languages provided for students to learn in English speaking schools. I believe it's important for students to master at least one different language from their own because academic importance, having an understanding of culture diversity and job opportunities. Learning another language assists in the development of critical thinking, boosts creativity, and improves problem solving and memorization skills. Studies have shown that students who acquire a foreign language have displayed substantial improvements in standardized tests scores in the areas of reading, mathematics and writing, as well as higher scores on college entrance exams like the SAT and the ACT. Individuals who study another language have also obtained refined listening skills and a more complex understanding of their own native language. Studying a second language also allows the pupil the opportunities to be immersed in another culture besides the students own from learning not only the language itself but also the heritage and history of that culture. The American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages has claimed that acquiring another language increases a student's understanding of diversity and leads to more positive attitudes and a better sense of respect for people of other cultures. It's also opens opportunities to watch and understand foreign films and engage in conversations with people of different cultural backgrounds. Lastly, being able to speak another language opens up more career choices and advancement opportunities. When listing
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