Learning and Cognition Essay

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The Psychology of Learning Dan Mathis PSY/390 September 25, 2013 Meeske The Psychology of Learning The life of every individual is inundated by learning regardless, of age, sex, ethnicity, or any other myriad of classifications. Birth presents a path to knowledge which continues throughout life for humans. To understand the entirety of learning and the relationships with behavior, cognition, and how humans learn one must understand the thought process. Definitions of learning differ from one person to the next, as do many other ambiguous terms in the English language, but to gain a better understanding the following will present an accepted definition of learning amongst the psychological community. Learning constitutes acquired abilities, knowledge, and physical skills. Throughout life individuals continue to learn, how much one learns depends on drive and interest. The theory of multiple intelligence created a paradigm of the understanding of intelligence. Though to an American citizen some cultures may seem unintelligent and possibly ignorant, but the intelligence of that culture could lie in an area a “civilized person may not see. According to Olsen and Hergenhahn, learning consist of an observable change in behavior (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2013). Though to the ley person behavior changes fails to encompass learning, further inspection and definition clearly explains learning in a broad fashion. B.F. Skinner ascertains that behavioral changes constitute learning, but most theorists believe changes in behavior result directly from learning (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2013). Rewards and reinforcement present with all behavioral learning, but the delineation between the two becomes clouded with cognitive beings. The thought of rewarding someone for performing an expected behavior creates another behavior rather than weakening the desired behavior. A

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