Learning and Cognition Essay

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Learning and cognition are closely related to each other. This paper will examine all the concepts of learning and how exactly it is related to learning. Learning will be defined and the role of behavior in learning will be explained. The two types of learning classical conditioning and instrumental conditioning will be defined and examined. In conclusion of the paper one will know how exactly learning and cognition are related to each other. There are few definitions for what learning means. According to dictionary.com, learning means in psychology terms, “the modification of behavior through practice, training, or experience. Another definition is, “learning refers to changes in observable behaviors,” (Olsen, Hergenhahn 2009). Psychologists have a hard time excepting any definition of learning if it is not of a psychology view point. Behavior plays an important role in learning. If a person sets out and is determined to learn something, there will be some sort of behavior modification for that person. When people start college classes and are determined to keep their grades up, they have to adjust their lifestyle to keep their grades up. So instead of this person watching four hours of television at night they may have to split it in half so they can study for two of those hours to keep up with school work. In order to learn something a person has to dedicate themselves to whatever it is they want to learn. Just like that popular saying, “practice makes perfect.” There are two types of learning, classical and instrumental conditioning. Classical conditioning is a learning process that occurs through association between an environmental stimulus and a naturally occurring stimulus, (Cherry, 2012). There are three stages of classical conditioning. Stages one happens before conditioning begins. There is an unconditioned stimulus that occurs and this produces an

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