Learning and Cognition Essay

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Learning and Cognition Psychology 390 May 13, 2011 Learning and Cognition Learning has been the subject of study for more than a century. Scientists and Psychologist alike have only begun to understand how the brain works and how learning and cognition come about as well as how the concepts of learning and cognition affect behavior. In this paper we will take a closer look at the intricacies of the concepts of learning and cognition as well as their role in behavior. I will begin by defining the terms that are used. Learning is defined as a long term change in mental representations and associations as a result of experience. Simply put learning is the lasting result of experiences. It is not confined to the classroom or course but is something we do every day without realizing it (Olson & Herngenhahn, 2009). Every experience an individual has teaches them something. For example if an individual were to place their hand over fire for the first time they then learn that it’s hot and it hurts. This lesson is learned because it creates a permanent change in perception and understanding. Learning is not just the mere absorption of information but rather the process of interacting with information and intentionally creating an understanding. Learning is active process that requires the individual to participate in the process. Rarely do what an individual learn and what another individual teach exactly the same thing. How an individual makes sense of the knowledge being shared is largely dependent on the cognitive process. Cognition is defined as how an individual thinks about the new information learned through sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and overall experience (Olson & Herngenhahn, 2009). Cognition is achieved through the concept of cognitive processes. Cognitive processes are ways in which an individual utilizes the

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